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Emberá Bucket Hat

$ 98.00

 Presale - Shipping begins July 15th*

Color: Orange
Motif: All Over Eyes
Dimensions: 22.5" circumference*; 5.5" deep
Materials: Iraca palm leaves



  • 100% woven by hand by Emberá women in the Los Pastos indigenous community of Sandona-Nariño, Colombia
  • Natural palm fiber bucket hat

About the Emberá: These hats are handwoven by the Emberá tribe in the indigenous community Los Pastos, located in the Sandona-Nariño region of Colombia. The Emberá have resisted colonialism and retain much of their own oral traditions, craftsmanship, and ritual celebrations. One of the most important Emberá crafts is weaving -- Emberá mothers teach their daughters to weave generation after generation, creating a cultural legacy through art and tradition. 

*This is a handmade product and each hat is unique - dimensions will vary slightly

*If your order contains other items, they will wait to ship when hat ships. If you wish to receive your items before the presale items, we advise you place a separate order.

Emberá Bucket Hat

$ 98.00